Frequently Asked Questions


"I live outside the city boundaries. Can I request help from the Samaritan Club?"


Answer: Unfortunately, due to the high demand for our services in Calgary, we are not able to assist those who live outside of the city boundaries.


"If I require assistance with food or other basic needs,can I contact the Samaritan Club directly?"

Answer: No, all requests must be made by a health care or social service professionals. Agencies have been provided with lists of telephone contacts who will accept requests for assistance.


"Are Samaritan Club services available year round?"


Answer: As the Samaritan Club has no staff,our volunteers do not provide service in July or August.



"I am interested in becoming a member, how do I proceed?"


Answer: Contact us by email or mail, and we will arrange for an introduction to the Club.


"Does the Samaritan Club accept monetary donations?"


Answer: Yes. We accept Personal, Corporate, In Memoriam, and Estate donations as well as donations of shares. Credit card donations are accepted by pressing the “DONATE” button on this website. Cheques can be mailed to our Samaritan Club address ( see our contact page). For further information contact  .


"Does the Samaritan Club accept donations for its garage sale?"

Answer: Due to the large volume of goods donated by members and their friends and family as well as space constraints, we are only able to accept donations through members at this time.