Samaritans Provide Compassionate
Commitment to Our Community

Living in a big city can be tough. For most low income earners, just getting by is hard enough. Throw in an injury or a lost job and suddenly the whole family is at risk. The Samaritan Club of Calgary is dedicated to providing short term assistance to Calgarians in need.


We provide support to those in crisis only by referral from health care professionals, social workers, and community support workers. Each request must come through an email to  , a telephone call or written letter to our mailbox.


Samaritan Club members are a dedicated team of some 150 women who raise funds throughout the year to support their initiatives. The majority of the funds continue to be raised through the famous Super Sales held in both the Spring and Fall at the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Centre. Other events such as bridge luncheons, casinos and golf tournaments are periodically staged to provide additional revenue.


An outstanding feature of the Samaritan Club of Calgary is that it operates without any administrative overhead. Members pay an annual fee to ensure that 100% of the funds raised in the community can be directed to those in need.


The Samaritan Club of Calgary is a registered charitable organization. B/N 12990 9313 RR 0001


Supporting Sponsors

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