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Agency Information

The Samaritan Club of Calgary is a volunteer organization that provides short term assistance to Calgarians in need. All requests for assistance must be made by a Health Care Professional or a Social Worker. We do NOT communicate directly with clients. Since the Samaritan members do not have contact with the clients, we depend on the dedication and vigilance of the professionals in the field to contact us with specific requests related to our Programs (see below). 

NOTE: As a 100% volunteer organization, we operate from September to June.  Requests outside this timeframe cannot be supported.



We provide prompt assistance to families or individuals in emergency situations. This support includes vouchers for groceries or medication.

Guidelines and Restrictions:

  • Client must live in Calgary.

  • Other sources of support must be investigated before approaching us (e.g. Food Bank).

  • All referrals must come from your personal contact with the client either by a home visit, agency visit or drop–in.

  • Clients may only be supported by us once in the last 12 months.

  • All vouchers are issued directly to a Calgary Co-op specified by the client.

  • Vouchers may not be used for alcohol, tobacco or cannabis products, candy, soft drinks, gift cards, gas or transit tickets.



We provide funding support for assistance with the purchase of aids to daily living that are needed to improve the daily life of Calgarians in need. To receive support, a written request must be emailed to us for consideration.       


Guidelines and Restrictions:

  • Client must live in Calgary.

  • Client must be considered low income, according to the Alberta Government’s income thresholds.

  • Other sources of support must be investigated before approaching us (eg. MS Society, Easter Seals, AADL etc.).

  • We will consider co-funding with other support agencies.

  • Our funding will not cover pre-paid expenses, rent or labour.

  • Funds will only be paid to a business. Funding will not be supplied directly to a client. The vendor must be able to take a cheque as payment.

  • Some dollar limits apply.



We provide layettes (newborn to 6 months) to various post-partum clinics, hospitals and other agencies that provide services to new moms.  If you are an agency that provides support to moms in need and would like to receive some layettes for distribution, please contact us for consideration.

Guidelines and Restrictions:

  • Client must live in Calgary.

  • Distribution is at the discretion of the agency.

  • Layettes are bundled 4 times per year and allocated amongst the requesting agencies.



We fund a number of camperships for children who might not otherwise be able to attend camp.  Our focus is on grassroots programs that support underserved or specialty programs that do not receive much, if any funding, from government or corporate sponsors.

Guidelines and Restrictions:

  • Requests for consideration can be submitted by a Camp representative.

  • Camp must be Calgary based.

  • Supported clients must live in Calgary.

  • Funding can not be used to pay administrative costs, but should be used to allow campers to attend for free or reduced cost.

For more information or to submit a request, please contact us at:

"When you give to the Samaritan Club, you're giving to Calgary"
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